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SIRDON operates a comprehensive Safety Management System to ensure that all hazards identified in the workplace and potential occurrences detrimental to personnel, operations, assets and the environment and their impact on business performance are identified or effectively controlled.

SIRDON also operates the STAR (Stop-Think-Act-Report) system for reporting potential unsafe equipment and operations.

SIRDON is certified to LRQA OHSAS 18001:2007 and also accredited for health safety, environmental issues and quality by Achilles. SIRDON is working towards accreditation for ISO 9001 certification for quality management and 14001 for environmental management.

Quality programmes are tailored to individual project requirements are in accordance with ISO 9000 standards.

Training at all levels is also a key part of our commitment to health, safety and environmental protection with routine safety meetings, briefings and investigations into both incidents and near misses.

Health, safety and welfare of employees, client and service company personnel, site visitors and the general public is the first priority in all SIRDON operations. The SIRDON HSE programme is managed by a qualified and experienced health and safety professional with full time qualified HSE Representatives assigned to certain sites for major projects. HSE Representatives are also appointed from each crew to co-ordinate the management and reporting of all incidents, near misses and issues identified under the STAR reporting system and assist in information dissemination on HSE matters to other crew members and working with site HSE representatives and the Health and Safety Manager.